Dear Night: I'll Write To You Because You Don't Write To Me.

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Dear Night: Could you feel my head?

Hot, isn't it? I think I have a fever. Snakes on a Plane fever! I do wonder...what about those people on the plane with (mispelled for legel reasons) BASE headphones? The ones with the batteries. They'd be oblivious.

I'm calling for someone to reopen the TWA investigation. (MSNBC can make more specials.)

Peace out,
The Night Noiler



So, night, we meet again. You look happy. Why don't you read the rest of my letter and see if you're all smiles then. I dare you.

Israel and the West must get on DFCON 5, pronto. Lebenon, Iran, and Syria all mean business. Former PM Ariel lies in suspended animation right now not unlike his own country! Hezbullah's the new Nazi menace. But this time Shiite madmad Amedinijad (Furhur) of Iran has three Eva Browns! How can the west contend with that? Elect a mormon prez? Come on!

The Nazi/Hezbullah Iranian thing goes thusly:
Germany had the Blitzkrig and Amedinijad recently vowed to light up the sky over Jerusalem (/

Germans were loud and abnoxious (ask my neighbors who have a dachound), Hezbullah and Iranian rallies get noisy.

Hitler had that propaganda guy to control media. Hezbullah and Iran has Al Fraken (!

Face it. Iran and Lebenon and Syria make a shape with three sides and three corners. Have you hit your toe against a comoda corner! Its painful!!! And you have to make that inhaling noise with your teeth clamped to stop the pain from pouring out in screams. Then the toe skin gets red. Oh dearie dearie. You think that seems bad. A comoda injury's kosmetic, but this world crisis is cosmic!!!

Dressed in white (see post "Dear Night") as promised,
The NightNoiler


Dear Night,

I am writing to you because you havn't written to me. BRB I need to find an all-white wardrobe and ponder nature. I'll keep you posted.

The NightNoiler


August 2006  

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